Welcome to our 2019 Summer Reading Adventure!

summer reading program bannerThe Summer Reading Adventure is a new program for kids to track their reading progress throughout the summer. This is a free program with the materials needed to participate available at the Doylestown and Lahaska Bookshops.

Here's how the Summer Reading Adventure works:
Basic Game Play
1. Pick up your game board from the Lahaska or Doylestown Bookshops at any time during the six-week period between July 8th and August 18th.
2. On your first day of gameplay, select the Star Card on the top of your deck and follow the instructions on the card.
3. Reading Time! Go day by day using the stickers provided to track your reading progress throughout the summer.
• Place a Circle sticker on days you read
• Place a Star sticker on days you finish a book

Optional Game Play
4. On the days you get to a ? or a Book, play either:
• A Fun Fact Card when you land on a ? to learn a new word- or book-related fact or;
• An Activity Card when you land on a book to do a fun reading or writing-related activity.
5. Be a Reading Champion – When you finish a book, you are eligible to fill out and turn in a Reading Champion slip at the Doylestown or Lahaska Bookshops in order to receive free soon-to-be-released books* and be entered in the drawing for our grand prize.  If you need more slips, please feel free to download them below.
*The deadline for turning in Reading Champion slips is August 20th and there is a limit of two free books/participant during the course of the summer reading adventure. 

Game kits will be available at the Doylestown or Lahaska Bookshops. Each kit will include instructions, a game board, Reading Champion slips, progress stickers, and game cards. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan at 215-230-7610 or email dtownbookshop.nathan@gmail.com.