Doylestown: Poetry Night with Diana Pazicky

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Hello Poets! Join us for Poetry Night on September 19th at 6:30 pm. September's featured poet is DIANA PAZICKY, who will be followed by an Open Mic! Poets, lift your voices!
Diana Loercher Pazicky is a former English professor at Temple University and the author of a book, Cultural Orphans in America, based on her dissertation.  Prior to receiving her doctorate, she was a full-time Staff Correspondent for ten years the Christian Science Monitorin Boston and New York. Having recently retired, she has been reveling in the freedom and opportunity to write poetry and plays. She lives in Bucks County, PA with her husband, dog, and cat and is indebted to Chris Bursk and his poetry workshop at Bucks County Community College for their support and inspiration.   She attempts in her poetry to incorporate a twist, an element of the unexpected, that provokes in the reader curiosity and a shift in perception.   Her poems have been published in journals throughout the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area.

There is in capes a wildness born of shape,
those attenuated promontories thrusting
like knives into the sea, like teenagers
breaking with parents but still connected,
peninsulas with separate identities
conferred by beckoning names:
Cape Horn,Cape Lookout, Cabo San Lucas,
Cape Prince of Wales, CapeByron; Cape Fear,
Cape Wrath, Cape Flattery, Cape Farewell.
I once walked the length of the Cape of St. Vincent
inSagres, Portugal, the southernmost tip of Europe
from which Prince Henry the Navigator set sail
to the New World. The wind was so fierce it
pummeled me, whipped my hair, tore my clothes,
as I stumbled down the rocky terrain, feared
being blown off the towering cliff
and plunging into the turgid Atlantic
beating at the rocks below,
eating away the foundation.
I pushed on to the tip, beheld an ocean
so vast it seemed to stretch to infinity,
grasped why the Romans called it the Holy Promontory,
why it was once considered the end of the known world,
imagined how Henry must have felt when he stood
at this most extreme point where land and sea meet
and extend an irresistible invitation to discovery.


Third Thursday of the Month, 6:30 pm
Doylestown Bookshop
Featured Poet 
followed by Open Mic.