Doylestown: Poetry Night

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Hello Poets, Join us for Poetry Night on October 17th and enjoy the poetry of Jim Levell followed by Open Mic. Poets, lift your voices!

Third Thursdays, 630pm
Doylestown Bookshop
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followed by Open Mic.

Jim Levell writes, 'I grew up in the Boston area and graduated from Northeastern University. After attending graduate school for a year I spent two years teaching history, and three years working in the National Archives. It was a good life, but something was missing, so we pulled up stakes and embarked on a long sojourn in Europe. After twenty-three years of travel, work and living we returned and have a satisfying existence in Bucks County. I began writing poetry (and doing photography) about fifteen years ago.'

Peonies at their Peak



The soft bulbous head lies gently on the earth;

a slow, orange-speckled rot eats away the perfumed outer petals.

The great stiff stalk, like a wounded giraffe

has fallen, keeled over;


a sodden defeat of the life force.

The white, cracked porcelain doll's skull, dormant,

in silent agony, yet mocking the gardener's concern --

the graceful iris is also down!


A barely discernible alarm ...

broken blossoms stick out their tongues,


and laugh in anagogical  merriment.