Doylestown: Poetry Night

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Hello Poets, Join us for Poetry Night on November 21st and enjoy the poetry of Wendy Steginsky followed by Open Mic. Poets, lift your voices!
Third Thursdays, 630pm
Doylestown Bookshop
Featured Poet 
followed by Open Mic.

Wendy Fulton Steginsky is the author of three books of poetry. She attributes her love for the art form to growing up on the shores of Bermuda where the sea’s rhythms seeped into her bones and stayed. Her work has been widely published in the Caribbean and the U.S. She was selected as runner up to the 2017 Bucks County, Pennsylvania Poet Laureate. In 2018 her book, Let This Be Enough won Honorable Mention in Bermuda’s Literary Awards. Her poem, Bermudian Twilight was chosen as a finalist in River Heron Review’s 2019 poetry contest and she has been runner up several times in the Main Street Voices poetry contest. She resides happily in Doylestown, PA, returning as often as she can to Bermuda. 

Twilight’s Small Gestures
Ursula kicks her heels absently
against a concrete wall at dock’s end,
peers overboard, loses herself in the play
of water—the darkening ruffles that slap
and smack the way young children tease
each other’s boundaries; salt spray
plumes like clustered branches
of whistling pines bursting silvery-grey.
Sea’s swell rolls over and over—
This, her favorite time of day—
comfort after daylight’s harsh teeth—
when sun’s a smoldering fire
on water’s surface, clouds stack
in the sky like sea gulls’ wings
and easterly wind becomes
squeezed breath through an oboe.
Fuzzy-edged light fades, belongs
neither to one world nor the other,
boats and bay grape trees begin
to lose their shape, darken, disappear—
everywhere, small, quiet gestures of dying.
Unafraid, Ursula appreciates embers
or dust turned to beauty for this hiatus—
before night’s muscular song falls and rises. 

~Wendy Fulton Steginsky