Doylestown: Poetry Night // Tristan Buttigieg

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Hello Poets! Join us for Poetry Night on May 16th at 6:30 pm and enjoy the poetry of Tristan Buttigieg followed by an Open Mic! Poets, lift your voices!
About Tristan

In recent years after a creative sabbatical, by mere chance, Tristan started writing something that he feels he “accidentally” wrote.What came out of that was a poem he titled Line up the Animals, which would later be called by the poet his greatest creation and would shift his newly sought-after inspiration and style. What followed shortly after was a blazing creation of his first group of poems, which would result in his soon to be released debut poetry book Have Nine Lives.

Represented in a unique flash photography styled delivery, each poem sinks the reader deep into imagination, with the sole purpose of interpretation. He hopes to combine his love of music and poetry going forward. When Tristan’s not writing, he’s always on the search for new inspirations and art forms.
Writing Sample

Blue-Ribbon Winner

Seven known destroyed
Too tough
Another ghost
What about all the clutter?
Scattered coins in the river
Brought the city to laughter
Came to town
As a blue-ribbon winner

The fog playing games
Too stiff
Wishing lists
Why do we flinch every time?
Just desserts
Kicking sticks to the flame
For white on rainy days
Cries alone
As a blue-ribbon winner

Abandoned in the summer
Too fresh
Love like this
Scared to see your reflection?
Rest easy
Your hands just skimmed the light
Writes frozen in the sand
Hello world
As a blue-ribbon winner
Third Thursday of the Month, 6:30 pm
Doylestown Bookshop
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followed by Open Mic.