The Lahaska Bookshop is Open!

The Lahaska Bookshop, the sister store of The Doylestown Bookshop, is now open!

logo for The Lahaska Bookshop

Lahaska Bookshop

The Lahaska Bookshop, located at the corner of Route 263 and Carousel Lane near Giggleberry Fair, opened its doors on Friday, September 15th, to welcome the local community as well as visitors from far and wide that take advantage of the unique shopping experience offered at the village.

As in Doylestown, The Lahaska Bookshop customers enjoy the same warm and welcoming atmosphere, wide selections of books for all ages, magazines and gift items and a staff of knowledgeable and wildly enthusiastic booksellers. We already have several events on the calendar for fall, including October book signings with local creator Rob Feldman, author of Cyko KO, A Comic Book Adventure You Can Color, and Kevin Ferris, co-author of Vets and Pets: Wounded Warriors and the Animals That Help Them Heal

While we transition our website to accomodate both of our stores, you can follow The Lahaska Bookshop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.