Doylestown: Harry Potter Book Night 2020

Harry Potter Book Night

Join us on Thursday, February 6th for Harry Potter Book Night!

This will be an evening of fun, games, and magic to celebrate the beloved series of books by J. K. Rowling. For 2020, the thrilling theme is Celebrate the Triwizard Tournament! The night begins at 6:00 pm. We encourage everyone to come in their best wizarding dress! We will have refreshments, games, activities, and raffles throughout the night.

No sign-ups are necessary.

Join the fun!

  • Sorting! Stand under our sorting hat to be placed into one of the four Hogwarts houses as you enter the bookstore.
  • Refreshments in the form of Polyjuice Potion and other tasty treats.
  • Wand making and Hogwarts coloring activities.
  • Wizard duels! Are your skills up to snuff? Come and find out!
  • Tea leaf readings.
  • Quidditch tournaments.
  • Have you seen this wizard? photobooth.
  • Trivia with the Hogwarts professors throughout the night.


Harry Potter Book Night, now celebrating its sixth year is an annual event for fans young and old to come together to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s wonderful series and it also provides a chance to pass the magic on to new readers who haven’t discovered these unforgettable books.