Find Waldo 2019

find waldo banner
Waldo is back!
The Doylestown and Lahaska Bookshops will be hosting exciting month-long scavenger hunts in the Doylestown and Peddler's Village, respectively.
The search begins on July 1st and goes through July 29th.
Anyone who wishes to participate can pick up a “Find Waldo Passport”, which will include a list of the participating businesses and a map, at any of participating business. Once you have your passport, go around to each partipating store, find the Waldo that they've hidden, and get your passport stamped. Once you have at least 20 separate stamps, you can turn in the passport at Waldo headquarters - the Doylestown Bookshop or Lahaska Bookshop - to be entered into the drawing for prizes.

July 29th is the cut off date for finding Waldo and turning in your passport. On July 30th at 6:30pm there will be a End of Search Party with assorted hoopla. Players who have collected at least 20 stamps/signatures in either Doylestown or Peddler's Village will be entered to win prizes.

Also, that evening, we are pleased to announce that we will be honoring the long-time owner of Booktenders' Secret Garden, Ellen Mager, who has retired after 37 years. We hope you come out to say goodbye to this extraordinary children's bookseller.
Participating Stores
Artistic Eyewear - 10 S. Main St.
Monkey's Uncle - 21 E. State St.
Bambini's World - 40 W. Oakland.
Nina"s Waffles - 30 E. State St.
Bella's Boutique - 5 S. Main St.
Olive Oil Etc. - 22 S. Main St.
Bucks County Running - 25 W. State St.
Busy Bee Toys - 58 E. State St.
Paper Unicorn - 2 S. Main St.
Candy Crafters - 51 W. State St.
Raymer"s Homemade Candies - 21 E. Oakland.
Central Books - 35 W. State St.
Rutherford's Camera Shop - 23 W. State St.
Donegal Jewelers - 25 N. Main St.
Serendipity Shops - 33 S. Main St.
Doylestown Bookshop - 16 S. Main St.
Siren Records - 25 E. State St.
Doylestown Food Market - 29 W. State St.
Something Else - 31 W. State St.
Evolution Candy - 45 E. State St.
The Tubby Olive - 6 W. State St.
Lilies of the Field - 1 S. Main St.
Impact Hair Design - 25 S. Clinton St.

Participating Stores
Country Accents - Shop #39
Roots - Shop #161
The Den - Shop #67
Extra Virgin - Shop #64
Fun Place - Shop #76
JaZams - Shop #
Total Animal - Shop #38
Lahaska Bookshop - Shop #162A
What"s In a Name - Shop #50