More Information for Authors

Thank you for your interest in working with The Doylestown Bookshop! Whether you are interested in getting your books on your shelves or hosting an event with us, we are excited to partner with our local authors to bring diverse books to our local community. 
Our Local Author Partnership Program is designed to provide a retail outlet for sales of books by local authors who have published their books through non-traditional methods, whether that is a self-published book, a book published through a company we do not already do business with, or a book that is only available on a non-returnable basis. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Local Author Partnership Program page.
We host many events with both local and national authors every month. If you are interested in hosting a book signing or other kind of event with us, please email us at 
If you are a new author or new to marketing your work, visit our Marketing Suggestions for Authors page to learn more about getting your book seen!