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Featured Poet: Dan Flore
followed by Open Mic.
Dan Flore's poems have appeared in various online and print publications such as Many Mountains Moving, Eunoia Review, Short, Fast, and Deadly, Lyrical passion Poetry E-zine, Victorian Violet press, Long Story Short, Ceremony, Triggerfish Critical Review,and Quantum poetry magazine. He has read his poetry throughout Pennsylvania. Dan teaches the writing of poetry as a tool for coping with mental illness. He was awarded the Florence Kerrigen memorial scholarship to the Philadelphia Writer's Conference. Dan has published the chapbooks-lapping water, humbled wise men-Christmas haikus and home and other places I've yet to see. Most recently, Flore's poetry collection, When in Roam, was published in Sick Lit Magazine and his daily poetry series-the arrows on the clock are pointing at me, has become a featured series on Channillo.com
Praise for lapping water-
“Dan Flore’s first book of poetry, lapping water, presents the voice of that quiet, nature-attuned man who observes without judging his own changes and the changes of those closest to him. These are unassuming and personal poems that do not partake of the ironic, subversive, rootless postmodern, but instead look to romanticism, imagism, and even further back, to the timelessness and transparency of such emotive lyrical poets as Po Chu’i and Tao Ch’ien a thousand and more years ago. …lapping water was published this year, with sensitive and whimsical black-and-white illustrations by Andrew Amuso. Flore is a regular contributor to The Critical Poet, and this reviewer has seen the development of his poetry toward increased power, structure, and confidence over a period of several years. He has written that he has been ‘born and bred’ on poetry workshopping boards, which are becoming alternatives to academic publishers and provide a freedom to experiment and grow without pressure or any insistence on the current fashion; and Flore is an example of the kind of young writer who flourishes in such an environment.”
-New York Times bestselling author-Pamela O’Shaughnessy, Triggerfish Literary Review, Issue 10, November 2012.

"Once in a blue moon, a poet will come along that can express the magic and longing we feel there – at that juncture of dreams + reality. The skilled poet takes our hand and gently guides us back to our memories of love and childhood with all the longing, awareness and sadness of the adults we have grown to become. There are no stark slaps of jaded sentiments, no bitterness that lingers unsavory on the fringe of our thoughts — even while whispering of loss, despair and anguish: the True Poet will magically manage to articulate our own sadness, our own struggles and yes; even our desperate clinging for hope — and allow us to grasp once more to our ever-slipping faith. Dan Flore, at his best moments, is such a poet.
Poets like Flore, when we have the great fortune to cross their paths in verse — remind us that we aren’t alone in our struggles and experiences in matters of the heart, the folds of memory, in the grip of our loss — and our silent prayers and meditations alongside our spiritual quests. His newly released poetry book, Lapping Water, is filled with the echos of a soul that speak not only for himself – but for many."
-Allehsya Hawk

"Be happy that Lapping Water, this wonderful collection of poems by Dan Flore, has settled on your shores. Like a romantic message in a bottle from times gone by, a sweet elixir guaranteed to cure, or an intoxicating pull of fine scotch aged to perfection, this mix of memory, moments and magic is a poetic delight."-Poets~of~Lates, Editors
“The title of Dan Flore’s first book of poems, lapping water, may be a bit misleading. When I think of lapping water, I think of peacefulness and drifting summer days. And yes, there are such images, such conjuring, in this book. But now think of that ‘lapping water’ as all the water in the world brought together in a great tsunami, strong enough to move the earth. In this book the images of water are preternatural, able to cool a fever or capsize a ship, to etch into concrete or fill the senses with the taste of a lover. Lapping water by Dan Flore is an astounding first book, and heralds the promise of a brilliant future, perhaps even greatness.”

-Dan Maguire,
author of Somewhere Between and Finding the Words.

The title of Dan Flore’s new book of poems lapping water beckons to the reader like a first invitation to the ball, happy to be asked, yet unsure of what might happen. The title and cover picture by Andrew Amuso imply calm before, and hopefully a healing salve after, a tumultuous time… This first book is an inspiration, with complex universal themes any reader can relate to. They leave me with a mix of feelings including foreboding, strength, and endurance and the title ‘lapping water’ offers truth with resilience, something we could all use more of in our lives. I for one am glad to have these poems by my side. They are like a life raft I can return to over and over again.”

- Lisa DeVuono,
poet and workshop facilitator.



The Sky

the sky swats
the ideas you blab about
right off its cheek
it passes over you
when you tell it no one cares

it acts intruded upon
and embarrassed
when you daydream
without realizing you're staring
You must want God, the sky says
It's Ok, happens all the time.

The sky seems strange to you,
following you around
posing as heaven
eavesdropping on your prayers
it encourages you to climb higher
but always remains out of reach

it invites you up
to enjoy the view and says
you are from the ground
and returns you to it
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Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 6:30pm
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The Doylestown Bookshop
16 S Main St.
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