Local Author Spotlight


Local Author Spotlight

Saturday, September 27th 

 J. F. Althouse

12:00 pm

Jordan Wright, former Navy Seal turned architect, has made the discovery of a lifetime. An ancient carving on a sea cliff in Peru points the way to Egypt, where a buried chamber may be hidden beneath the Pyramids of Giza. Legend claims the chamber contains the priceless artifacts and history of mankind dating back to the dawn of time. Joined by a team of archeologists and funded by a mysterious benefactor, Jordan travels to Egypt, where he discovers more than he bargained for: a portal to a long forgotten time.

He is marooned in the Second Age of Man - the Age of Atlantis. Hailed as a prophet, he is thrown into the midst of a brutal war of epic proportions. There he must not only fight for the lives of his companions, but quite possibly the survival of the human race. 

 About the Author Jack grew up in Central Bucks Country, graduated from Central Bucks West Highschool. He is a practicing architect with an active firm in Northern Montgomery County serving clients nationwide and in other countries. He has traveled extensively and twice with George Erikson (In Search of Atlantis Discovery Channel and National Geographic). His contributions to archeology include theories on the location of the ancient library of Egypt, underwater exploration of ancient sites in the British Virgin Islands, and an analysis of universal pyramid architecture and the possibility they were built to provide safe shelter and higher ground during frequent tidal waves, earthquake, and fallout impacts from distant meteorite strikes. He continues work on his seven book series. Second Sight and Second Birth are the first two novels in the series. Jack speaks fluent German and has been invited to the Nurmburger Museum to discuss his discovery of advanced knowledge of Antartica on an early globe in the museum, depicting the continent 250 years before it was discovered and accurately showing it ice free as it looked 8000 years ago. For more information pleae visit: http://jfalthouse.com/

Karen Polis


Ten miracles tell the story of a Polish Jewish boy who survived the horror of the Holocaust and went on to create a life for himself in America.

Arthur Neigut was a normal, happy 13-year-old boy living in Kraków Poland in 1939 when Nazi soldiers herded him onto a truck with the rest of his family and sent him to a Jewish ghetto. For the next six years, Arthur lived inside a nightmare. While building airplanes for the Nazis, he endured the life of a concentration camp inmate. This is his story, not just of his miraculous survival, but also of how he was left after the war with a surprisingly happy and optimistic outlook on life that is with him to this day.

About the Author Karen Polis has been writing since childhood, but this is her first full-length published work. Karen is Arthur Neigut’s niece. For more information please visit http://moseswaswatchingoverme.com/


 Nicole Maddalo Dixon


Precocious, spirited, bored, and outspoken, sixteen year old Elucia (Lucy) Grey Alexis Howard, is both out-of-place in and a prisoner of her wealthy life amongst the highest of New York's social elite and her father's ambitious pursuit of greater prosperity. Sent out west in 1877 to Lincoln County, New Mexico, to marry her pre-contracted fiance, John H. Tunstall, Lucy is inconsolable at the prospect of a loveless marriage when she meets and falls in love with pistoleer, Billy Bonney, a young, vivacious firebrand hired by John to work his land and provide protection from the dangers posed by John's nefarious competitor, J. J. Dolan and the entire Santa Fe Ring. When John pays the ultimate price and is murdered, refusing to succumb to the opposition and intimidation of his rivals, Lucy's own life is then in jeopardy. As a result of John's death, Billy and the other men working in John's employment are deputized to combat the tyranny of Dolan and the Ring. Fearing for Lucy, the newly deputized Lincoln County Regulators take her into their protective guard and into the hellfire of what becomes known as the Lincoln County War, the catalyst that inspires Lucy to wage her own personal war for freedom from her oppressive life and a desperate attempt to stay close to the man she loves, the boy about to become known to history as the incendiary notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid. Includes Readers Guide.

About the Author Nicole was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives with her husband in Bucks County, PA. For more information please visit www.nicolemdixonauthor.com


Michael-Patrick Harrington



Welcome to Mondauk County, where the past is never truly past.

Sweater Girl and Other Tales of Mondauk County is a collection of novellas and stories that explore the condition of morbid nostalgia: being so
bound to the past that it poisons the present and chokes the future.

In the novella “Sweater Girl,” a man combs through the ashes of a teenage party that took place forty years ago, looking for clues to what had transpired, including arson, an amputation, and the death of his father, while obsessing on the party’s catalyst, an enthralling young sweater girl.

Plus…a retired romance novelist faces her fears of intimacy in a most radical fashion…a cult member becomes consumed with an underage girl…a loner signs up for a spelling bee to impress a popular girl on the eve of an assault on the school…as a weary detective hunts the Red Ribbon Killer, a grandmother confronts the secret in her shed…an ex-boxer squares off against a mob capo when his wife disappears…a man finds a radio broadcasting from his past in the abandoned Divine Lorraine Hotel…and after his hand gets stuck to a girl’s hair with paste, a giant of a boy is hunted by a vengeful mob.

About the Author My childhood was fraught with terror, being forced to play outside by my mother ("sun's out, you're out"), made to stay up way past bed time to watch old movies by my grandmother, and being told to "eat it or wear it" by my Aunt El at dinnertime. My mother lessened the blows by buying me my first 45 records—and giving me a typewriter. I wrote my first short story in 2nd grade, got a black eye from my sister in 3rd grade, grew peach fuzz on my upper lip in 5th grade, kissed a girl in 10th grade, but never broke any bones. I was hijacked in grade school by Twain and Tolkien, and in college I was knocked out by Woolf, Hemingway, and Faulkner. I never recovered. I have multiple sclerosis, and although the disease has enabled me to appreciate the very color of the sky and the sound of Chuck Berry's guitar and the way a good book smells, I'm not really happy about the whole thing. For more information please visit http://www.michaelpatrickharrington.com/


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Bandita Bonita: Romancing Billy the Kid, A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780865349735
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Published: Sunstone Press - December 23rd, 2013

Sweater Girl and Other Tales of Mondauk County Cover Image
ISBN: 9780615956084
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Published: Silk Raven Press - January 24th, 2014


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