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Hello Poets, Join us for Poetry Night on February 21st and enjoy the poetry of Corinne-Valerie Marin, followed by Open Mic! Poets, lift your voices!

CORINNE-VALERIE MARIN, A California native and graduate of UCLA, after retiring from teaching elementary school, relocated from central California to Chalfont, Pennsylvania, in 2011.

A published poet, in FM Poetry Quarterly; several collective anthologies, and her first solo compendium, When Awoken, Sing, Marin is also an active fine artist in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her paintings and poetry anthology are for sale at Gathering, Gallery and Boutique, 65A W. State St., in the Heart of Doylestown.

Marin’s poetry explores the beauty of Nature and applauds favored human beings.

"Paradox" by Corinne-Valerie Marin
-- from Nat'l Geographic "Deep Sea Creatures" quote --

"New incandescent beings
Are being spotted
All the time..."
How I like the sound of that
Scientific observation
Relevant to exploration
Of the deep deep ocean
If only there were lotion
Or bioluminescent potion
By which terrestial beings
Might radiate emotions
And Intentions
Adherence to conventions
Lust love hunger injury
Playfulness betrayal
Like creatures a mile below
Perceive each other's glow
Proceed with caution
In the midnight flow
Bear their own incandescent
Phosphorescent lanterns
Mantles antennae or tendrils
Impermeable membranes
Scales or manes
Instaneous brightness
In the liquid darkness
Shine their lives away
In light displays undimmed
By shade or shadows
Must they glow?
Are they alive if no one knows?
Unseen unknown?
Are we?
Such is the treat when they meet
Or fleet their retreat
Fish from fish squid from squid
Unknown conclusion to encounter...
Pursuit? pursued?
Who is pursuing whom?
They must engulf each other
To regenerate or
Fight to feast
But extinguish a light
In their perpetual night
When they do...

Corinne-Valerie Marin
c. 2013

Third Thursday of the Month, 6:30 pm
Doylestown Bookshop
Featured Poet 
followed by Open Mic.


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