Doylestown: Poetry Night

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Hello Poets, Join us for Poetry Night on March 21st and enjoy the poetry of Gregory S. James followed by Open Mic! Poets, lift your voices!

About Gregory S. James

Gregory S. James has finished his 1st collection of poems titled “Evolution of Voice”. He is currently working on having this collection spanning 10 years, (2004 to 2014) published. To that aim Gregory has written his poem titled “New Born” 1,000 times by hand to fund going to Paris France. So he might have the opportunity of becoming a Tumbleweed at the famed Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. Copies of “New Born” are numbered and available for purchase wherever one might spot The Poet around town.

With the encouragement and support of the Doylestown community, Gregory S. James extends his heartfelt thanks for a chance to realize a dream. Also he welcomes any and all to join poetry groups for what will be heard and what will be shared has no limits but imaginations edges.

New Born

First comes a vague

Then the crystallization
Of an idea.

With times sweet allowance
So much more beautiful
We will find.

This thing which was once

Given creations breath

From thought now put
To paper.

With pen I adopt and
Raise as mine.

Moonlight Waltz

I can’t give you the world
No man can promise you that
No I can give you a part of my world
And together if you give me a part of yours
We can share a world together that’s only ours
Building a life hand in hand
Welcoming little hands to grown alongside us
Making memories that if we are truly lucky
Will become stories told at family gatherings
I can’t give you the world
But together we can dance to the music of our hearts
Lit by moonlight
Wherever it is that our feet touch
Wherever we lay our heads
All the days we lived apart
Brought us together to spend what remains side by side
In this world we make from love vowed to share

POETRY NIGHT / 3rd Thursday of the Month / 6:30 pm at Doylestown Bookshop / Featured Poet followed by Open Mic.