Book Clubs at The Doylestown & Lahaska Bookshops

The Doylestown and Lahaska Bookshops currently host a number of virtual book clubs that meet on a regular basis. Click on the book club you are interested in below to read how to register for an already existing club, what the current book club pick is, and how to save money on your selections. All book club book picks are 20% off when you buy them at our stores or online. Book club members will receive a coupon code for the online discounts from their book club facilitator. 
For more information on our book clubs please contact us at email


Already Have Your Own Book Club?

If you have your own club, you can register your group with either of our locations and save 20% off your selections. We'll stock your selections in the store of your choice where your group members can pick them. Fill out our online form to register your book club HERE