Bottom-Up: Tapping the Power of the Connection Revolution (Paperback)

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The biggest, most powerful trend since humans existed, explosively re-emerged about 20 years ago. It's taken down dictatorships, elected presidents, destroyed industries and has created trillions of dollars in new industries and opportunities. It has literally altered the brain functioning of people born after 1980. Yet most people are clueless about it, like fish in water. It is the Bottom up connection consciousness revolution. It deeply affects every person, every relationship, every business, every government and the way power is exercised. It's affecting you, your parents, children, relationships and communities. You absolutely cannot avoid it, because Bottom up's long dormant seeds, evolutionally baked deeply over millions of years into your DNA and neurophysiological systems have, like the phoenix, begun to rise again. Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Bush have all said, "Change happens from the Bottom up." Bottom up has become one of the most powerful memes of the 21st century. But what does it mean and how do you do Bottom up better and smarter? Bottom up is a cooperative, interdependent, sharing, caring, empathic, egalitarian, generative, transparent, local, and--though small--incredibly powerful way of seeing, being, relating, of doing community, activism, child rearing, practicing religion and doing business. This book, Bottom Up: The Connection Revolution, picks up where Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point left off. It is a how-to book for businesses, leaders, organizations, activists and individuals, cracking wide-open humankind's biggest trend in seven million years. It does for Bottom up what the Eskimo language does for snow--expanding how you see and know it. By understanding the roots and implications of Bottom up and Top down (the opposite of Bottom up) you'll be better able to tap the incredible power of this trend, as the billionaire founders of Google, Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter have done.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781590794692
ISBN-10: 1590794699
Publisher: Select Books (NY)
Publication Date: September 4th, 2018
Pages: 192
Language: English