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Welcome to The Doylestown Bookshop's Virtual Book Fair page! 

Virtual Book Fairs Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our point-of-contact with any questions?
You are welcome to contact Honor Ford, a supervisor and bookseller, at with any questions. 

What are the options for receiving the books?

  1. Before signing your Virtual Book Fair Agreement, you must determine with your school administrators whether you would prefer a). to have ALL of your books delivered to your school at the end of your book fair by a member of our staff, or b). for the books to be available to the parents via curbside pickup, which is a free option, or shipping, at an extra charge. 
  2. Once you have selected either option and signed your Virtual Book Fair Agreement, we will not be able to change the receiving option.

How do teacher recommendations work?

  1. Teachers may send their recommendations to Krisy, who manages the website (, in 13-digit ISBN format (preferably in an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet) and she will add them to the school’s page. 
  2. Teachers may also create a wishlist through our website, but we do not have the ability to do that for them. This happens by clicking on a book’s product description and selecting the "add to wishlist" button. It will then ask the teachers to create and name their new wishlist, which they can add to or modify any time they are logged into their account.
  3. If teachers have difficulties with either sending their recommendations to Krisy or creating a wishlist through our website, we also recommend sending recommendations through a school’s virtual newsletter
  4. We can sort out books that have been purchased for a specific teacher’s classroom as long as it is indicated in the order comments (i.e., “Antiracist Baby was purchased for Miss Smith.”) We will store these purchases in a separate box, and the bag will be labelled with the teacher’s name and the order number. We can also denote the donor’s name on the bag if they include that with their order comments.
  5. Once the books have been delivered, we can answer any questions you have about specific orders, but please refrain from asking questions about specific orders until you have received them.

When will we receive our orders?

  1. We hope to have your orders ready 5 to 7 business days after the end of your book fair, but please be aware that due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer for us to receive your orders from our suppliers.
  2. If you select to have your orders delivered to your school, we will work with you to coordinate a date and time that works for you as well as our staff.
  3. If parents select for their order(s) to be shipped, Media Mail shipping typically takes about 5 to 10 business days once we have processed the order. 
  4. If parents select to receive their order via curbside pickup, we will contact them via the email they provided on their order when it is ready.

Can anything be applied to our total?
Families can purchase any item on our website and have it applied to the order as long as they put their code in the coupon code section. If books are back ordered or preorders, we won’t be able to get them for the book fair or apply them to the total, but they are welcome to place a separate order for books like that. We will follow up with that customer via email and refund those specific items.

What length of time should we select for our book fair?
We have discovered that virtual book fairs have been most successful spanning between 7 to 10 days. We will work with you to select dates that will be most beneficial to you and us.

Can we use our tax exemption form?
Tax will be applied to every purchase because the book fair is occurring virtually.