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virtual book fairs

Welcome to The Doylestown Bookshop's Virtual Book Fair page! 

Virtual Book Fairs Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the options for receiving the books?

    1. Families may shop in the Doylestown Bookshop and/or the Lahaska Bookshop any time during your school’s book fair week and purchase any book or non-book item, give their school coupon code and 20% of everything they purchase will count towards their school’s earnings.

    2. Families may visit and purchase any book or non-book items on our website, use the school’s coupon code and 15% will go toward your school’s earnings. All books will  be delivered to your school at the end of your book fair by a member of our staff.

  2. When will we receive our orders?

    1. We hope to have your orders ready 5 to 7 business days after the end of your book fair, but please be aware that due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer for us to receive your orders from our suppliers.

  3. Can anything be applied to our total?

    1. Families can purchase any item on our website and have it applied to the order as long as they put their code in the coupon code section. 

    2. If books are backordered or preorders, we won’t be able to get them for the book fair, or apply them to the total, but they are welcome to place a separate order for books like that. We will follow up with that customer via email and refund those specific items.

  4. What length of time should we select for our book fair?

    1. We have discovered that virtual book fairs have been most successful spanning between 7 to 10 days. We will work with you to select dates that will be most beneficial to you and us.

  5. Can we use our tax exemption form?

    1. Tax will be applied to every purchase because the book fair is occurring virtually.

At the end of your Book Fair, your school’s sales from our website and from both of our stores will be totaled. Your school will get back 15-20% of the total book sales from the Book Fair as a check from the Doylestown Bookshop within two weeks of the end of your book fair. Total sales include all sales from the Bookshop website marked with your school code, which will be given to you with the signing of this contract, plus all sales that take place inside the Doylestown or Lahaska Bookshops purchased with your school code. (It is important for your families to give your school code when making their purchases. This code can either be entered into the COUPON CODE section when checking out on our website, or you may let your bookseller know upon purchase in either store.)

Please contact Glenda Childs, owner of the Doylestown & Lahaska Bookshops at with any questions.