Blind Date with a Book

Blind date with a book Blind Date with a Book!

At The Doylestown & Lahaska Bookshops now through the month of February

Have you ever been on a blind date with a book?

Our booksellers have carefully selected some of our favorite titles, ranging from science to historical fiction to young adult, and wrapped them up so you are not able to see the title or the cover. With clues like "magical," “1940s France,” "very intricate pocket watches,” “LGBT,” or “zombies,” written on the front to lead you in your selection, you will then choose a book that sounds amazing to you, buy it, take it home, and unwrap your date!

For every "date" you bring home, you can enter our raffle to win a special prize. The raffle winner will be chosen on February 28th. Come in, browse, and have fun finding your new favorite book!