Book Programs and Packages

The Doylestown Bookshop offers a wide variety of book programs and packages to help businesses, educators, and more!
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The Doylestown Bookshop has teamed up with the Berenstains to offer 10 unique collections of Berenstain Bear books not available at other bookstores. Each package comes with a 15% discount that is included in the price. For more information, visit our Berenstain Bears Book Packages page.
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The Educator's Discount Program is available to all pre-K through 12th grade teachers and home school teachers. It gives teachers 20% off regularly priced books purchased for the classroom as and 25% off bulk purchases of 20+ copies of a single title. To learn more or to register, please visit our Educator's Discount Program page.
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The Doylestown Bookshop wants to partner with your business or organization! When you are buying for holiday gift giving, client and staff gifts, thank yous, and more, what better gift than a book? Our experienced staff is here to help you choose from our hundreds of great book ideas to grow your buisness or strengthen your organization, with the added bonus of volume discounts and free and direct shipping. We can also support your events and seminars with authors and books! Visit our Volume Book Purchases page for more information on this special program.