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Book signing with debut YA author Karen Bao Saturday August 29
Kick off back to school with debut YA author Karen Bao on Saturday, August 29 at 1pm. Karen's book Dove Arising is the first book in The Dove Chronicles. High school writers and aspiring YA authors alike should not miss this chance to meet this author - she wrote Dove Arising as a high school student and has been writing the sequels as a college student at Columbia University.
Calling all Lauren DeStefano fans!
Bloomsbury is so excited to publish Lauren's middle grade debut, A Curious Tale of the In-Between, this September. The story of Pram, a girl who can see ghosts, it's been called "Gaimanesque" (Amelia Stymacks, Northshire Bookshop), "moving" (Kirkus), and "the perfect book to hand to readers looking for the mysterious and spooky" (Booklist). 
If you loved Lauren's Wither series, if YOU are looking for something mysterious and spooky and beautiful and whimsical, we encourage you to pre-order ... and get prizes! Click here for more information!


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